Together. The Budget Road Trip.

2 to 7 April 2019.


Disruption is everywhere except politics.

Together wants to change that. Australia’s newest party - not Left, not Right - Together aims to connect with the good things so many good people do across our communities. So … in Budget Week, Together is delivering its first Budget, just before the federal government does ‘the real one’ on Tuesday 2 April, then we’re taking it on the road! This is intelligent populism. Smart politics.

At Together we know it’s time to rebuild our common wealth. The things we own and share and do ... Together. In the Budget we know we can move money from defence into education and health, from fossil fuels to renewables, from the banks into community enterprise, from off-shore detention into on-shore justice. Our Budget is fully costed and thought through. Our policies include 100%+ renewables; a national anti-corruption strategy; a government owned bank; a republic, treaties and bill of rights; a fair dinkum future fund; wage theft laws; no zero tax for corporates; listening to women and doubling the budget of the ABC.

The Event.

Join Mark Swivel and special guests for Together the Budget Road Trip. You get a Budget Speech, a talk from a Special Guest, and the Together Campaign Speech. Drinks available. Nibbles provided.


The Road Trip Schedule

Tues 2 April – Mullum. Ex-Services Club. Doors 6pm.
Together Budget Speech 6.30pm.

Wed 3 April – Coffs Harbour. Dark Arts Brew & Bar. Doors 6pm.
Event 7pm to 8.30pm.

Thurs 4 April – Newcastle. Royal Exchange. Doors 6pm.
Event 7pm to 9pm.

Fri 5 April – North Sydney Community Centre. Doors 7pm.
Event 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

Sat 6 April – Bondi Pavilion Theatre. Doors 6pm.
Event 7pm to 9.00pm.

Sun 7 April – Marrickville. Mothership Studios. Doors 4pm.
Event 5pm to 7pm.


Speakers Include

Anne Coombs, ex-chair GetUp, on ‘What’s Government for?’

Michael Sainsbury, ex-China correspondent The Australian, on ‘Australia’s place in the world and Asia’

Belinda Kinkead, director Lo3 Energy Australia, on ‘Energy Policy and Climate Change’

Kate McDowell, creator of Wonderbabes, on a ‘Life in the Arts & Funding a Future’

Prof Julian Knowles, academic and muso, on ‘Making Sense of Higher Education’

Dr Liz Hovey, physician, on ‘The Health of Australia’

Louise Crabtree, academic, on ‘Liveable Communities’

David Brown, entrepreneur, on ‘UBI and tech businesses’

Mick O’Regan on ‘Journalism and Democracy’

Prof Patrick Keyzer on ‘Human Rights and the World We Want to Live In’

Media contacts

Mark Swivel, Senate Candidate 0407 875 398

Madeleine Faught, Chair 0428 965 762.