1 April 2019

Australia needs a budget for our future, not just this election. Our budget always picks winners and we must now pick new ones. With our $500 bil budget, the devil is not in the detail but its lack of ambition.

Together has a vision for a bolder budget. We can take 10% - $50bil - to make Australia better and fairer!

  • Climate Economy Fund - $10 bil – to invest in renewables, an ETS, repairing our rivers, new business and jobs

  • Homes for all Australians - $10 bil – building homes for the homeless, renters and first home buyers

  • More Medicare - $10 bil – for better public hospitals and access to specialists, free dental and ambulances

  • Our Learning Nation - $10 bil - for funded places at university and Tafe and boosts to research and innovation

  • Better Society - $5 bil - doubling the ABC budget, arts funding, legal aid, federal ICAC and national DV action

  • Trickle Up Economics - $5 bil - into start-ups, social enterprise, NDIS and Newstart and UBI trials.

We can fund A Bolder Budget by shuffling the deck of existing budget spending and tax concessions:

  • moving fossil fuel subsidies into Climate Economy projects – $10 bil

  • winding back negative gearing and super concessions to fund Homes for All Australians – $13 bil

  • reversing defence spending rises to fund Our Learning Nation – $8 bil

  • moving billions from off-shore detention into Better Society projects – $4 bil

  • taxing foreign companies with high turnovers who shift profits overseas – $10 bil

  • collecting royalties for resource exploration like other counties do – $5 bil.

Think massive housing investment not negative gearing; think free ambulances not school chaplains.

The Together Budget: the time for tinkering and bribing the nation with tax cuts is over.

Download the PDF.




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Written and authorized by Belinda Kinkead, Secretary, The Together Party, - 12/7 Grevillea Street Byron Bay 2481.