Australia’s favorite (only?) genuine fake Russian choir Dustyesky to launch comedian’s bid for a NSW Senate seat

22 April 2019

MULLUMBIMBY APRIL 22 – The Together Party is frankly pretty bloody chuffed at the election of comedian Volodymyr Zelensky as President of the Republic of the Ukraine.

That’s because Together has its own comedian Mark Swivel, author of the political manifesto Making Australia Slightly Better than Average Again, in the top spot in its bid for Senate seats in NSW at the May 19, Federal election.

Zelensky has found fame in playing a school teacher who accidentally becomes president. Could lightning strike twice?  Swivel’s last national comedy show as called Alternative Prime Minister but his aims, at least for now  are a little more modest -   a NSW Senate seat

And like his Ukranian counterpart Zelensky, Swivel is deadly serious about politics.

“I think Zelensky win is terrific, he says he’s just a regular guy who wants to fix a broken political system, basically that is where I am coming from too. Canberra is a toxic mess consumed by nonsensical trivia,” Swivel says.

“Meanwhile Australia is sleepwalking into a future that’s certainly looking like it will be worse than average. We want to change that equation.”

Swivel may not be Ukrainian but he is almost, he’s a Russian. OK he’s a fake Russian but the genuine fake, 28 bloke Russian choir that he is in Dustyevsky signs songs in real Russian and even one - Cossacks Ride Over the Danuve -  in Ukrainian. And the Russians actually love them.

Swivel and Dustyevsky will entertain you at this Saturday’s (April 27) Campaign Launch for The Together Party at the Hotel Brunswick (you know Strop and Delvene’s pub) at Brunswick Heads.

Come early it starts at 4pm -  and stay late.) Bring the kids. Have fun, Dustyevsky and other surprise guests will be there to entertain you. And there will be a pub quiz and raffles, something for everyone.

NSW Senate Candidate, Mark Swivel: 0407875398

Media liaison: Anthea Cohen: 0423 161 282/ Michael Sainsbury +66 927 620321 (Whatsapp)

About Dustyevsky

Dustyesky is a ‘genuine fake’ Russian choir. We are 28 middle aged men of Mullumbimby who ‘sing songs of suffering and despair to fill you hearts with love and joy’. None of the choir is or speaks Russian but they know the meaning and the history of the songs. The choir often says the songs make you sing them - whether folk, army or sacred songs. The history of Russia is one of great suffering, complex and dreadful. There is a spirit in these songs that touches all of us, whoever we are. Dustyesky is beyond identity, it respects the music and its legacy but its hope is that it can bring everyone together by singing these songs.

Dustyesky has performed at Womadelaide, in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, at Woodford, Bello and Mullum festivals, and appeared on Russian TV Channel 1 News and done 2 Russian cable tv concerts.  It has appeared on The Project, Weekend Sunrise, all over ABC radio.




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NSW Senate Candidate:
Mark Swivel 0407 875 398

Party Chair:
Madeleine Faught 0428 965762

Campaign Manager:
Victoria Dombroski 0419 680 593

Media Liaison:
Michael Sainsbury +66 927 620321 (Whatsapp)
Susie Riddell Danoy 0434 729 230

Local Media Liaison:
Victoria Dombroski 0419 680 593

Written and authorized by Belinda Kinkead, Secretary, The Together Party, - 12/7 Grevillea Street Byron Bay 2481.