Campaign Launch - Lets Get It Together

7 May 2019

Mark Swivel, Belinda Kinkead and Kate McDowell, Senate Candidates for the Together Party  inspired an engaged and motivated crowd at the Together Party Campaign Launch on Saturday afternoon at the Hotel Brunswick.

“We’re interested in the whole of government, in good decisions in the public interest

We are not a party of protest.  We are a party for all Australians.” Mark Swivel said of Together The Party.

Together’s manifesto acknowledges that Australia is as blessed as it is broken. Few countries have ever lived as well as most of us do.  Politics has degenerated into bullying.  We have privatised too much. Yet our rivers are dry, too many are homeless, the young struggle for a foothold in our society.   Indigenous Australia is marginalized and the working poor are made to feel unvalued.   Our governments have sold out and sold off for far too little.

“We don’t stand up to corporate tax evasion, to companies that take this country for granted” Swivel asserted.  “The politics of division and fear are killing us.” 

“ Real difference is great - let’s celebrate the migrant, the queer, the utterly eccentric - we are all basically the same under the bonnet. We all want good work to do, to love and be loved, to have some fun in our spare time”

Vote 1 Together.  Your Choice, Your voice in the Federal Senate.

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NSW Senate Candidate:
Mark Swivel 0407 875 398

Party Chair:
Madeleine Faught 0428 965762

Campaign Manager:
Victoria Dombroski 0419 680 593

Media Liaison:
Michael Sainsbury +66 927 620321 (Whatsapp)
Susie Riddell Danoy 0434 729 230

Local Media Liaison:
Victoria Dombroski 0419 680 593

Written and authorized by Belinda Kinkead, Secretary, The Together Party, - 12/7 Grevillea Street Byron Bay 2481.