Election Begins - Meet Mark Swivel

14 April 2019

Mark Swivel is as mad as hell and he just not going to take Australian politics as usual anymore – so he is running for the Senate in NSW

MULLUMBIMBY, APRIL 14 – In December 2018 a group like minded people, fed up with Australia’s broken two-party system formed The Together Party with the ambitious bit modest aim of winning a seat to represent NSW in the Senate.

 One of the party’s founders Mark Swivel – barefoot lawyer, comedian and MC of the original fake Russian choir Dustyevsky volunteered to head the ticket. In recent weeks he has been joined by climate economy and renewables expert Belinda Kinkead and writer/performer Kate McDowell.

’ We started Together because our democracy belongs to us not the tired major parties. We need a parliament more like us: bold and gutsy, caring and adventurous. Canberra should not be a squabbling pit of fevered egos but a celebration of good people everywhere across the country doing good things!”, Swivel said

“Australia is as blessed as it is broken. We are as wretched as we are beautiful. We have lost our way and our leaders offer no real story of the Future. Australia is now run by the Wealthier People at the Expense of the Not So Wealthy. We have lost sight of our Common Wealth. The things we share and enjoy together,” Swivel says”.

“The perpetual antagonism over trivia by Australian politicians obscures the need for real change.

“It’s not on. In fact, it’s dead set Un-Australian. The question for us, the People of Australia, is what are we going to do about this pickle we’re in?

The Together Party admits is may not understand everything but believes its member understand a lot more about life in Australia than many in elected office. And that is as sad as it is funny.

“From working as a grass-roots lawyer, to running football clubs and circuses, from doing comedy shows, singing in choirs and barely making the finishing line in ocean swimming races - that is from living life much like the rest of Australia - I’ve learned a thing or two, “ Swivel said.

“The main thing you learn is that the political class detached from the rest of us a long time ago and has no real idea of what it is doing beyond preserving itself.

“The urgency of this moment in our history is clear. The problem is not Left or Right or one person or another. It’s the whole damn show! And it will not fix itself. “:

The solution is up to all Australians, and in this context particularly the people of NSW.

“So have a little think about what YOU might do to help Make Australia Slightly Better than Average Again . . . go on . . . I am a reasonable person. Just like you. I know you’ve been busting a gut at work. And you need to help your kid with quadratic equations . . . or pretend to. They’re tough, aren’t they? There’s dinner to cook or take- away to pick up. A great new crime series you need to catch up on. Then there’s the Tigers game. It’s going to be a cracker. I’ll be watching myself, “Swivel said.

“But after all that. You have a little time. An hour or two. To chip in. You know it! To do something to help Make Australia Slightly Better an Average Again You can start by reading our policies and voting for me at the next election. But then what?!? Get involved, only you, regular Australians, can make things change for the better.

“They’re not listening in Canberra. The Old Parties think they own our democracy. They don’t, The Australian people do. You do. It’s time for gutsy government that invests in our future. So let’s get some grown ups in the Senate!”

Give your readers, listeners and viewers something different to think about this election, talk to Mark Swivel.

About Mark Swivel

He runs his own community legal clinic:  https://www.barefootlaw.net.au, is in-house counsel at Enova Energy: https://www.enovaenergy.com.au, is the treasurer at Spaghetti Circus: http://www.spaghetticircus.com, plays right-wing for Eureka FC Sevenths:  https://www.facebook.com/EurekaFC/ and is MC for genuine fake Russian choir Dustyesky:  https://www.facebook.com/DustyeskyChoir/.

Mark on the Radio

Talking Together:  https://soundcloud.com/user-172330000/together-a-new-party-worth-your-vote-abc-north-coast. 

Talking Dustyesky with Simon Marnie:  https://soundcloud.com/swiv-4/dustyesky-visits-abc-ultimo. 

On Late Night Live with Philip Adams:  https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/latenightlive/mark-swivel/7181652.


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NSW Senate Candidate:
Mark Swivel 0407 875 398

Party Chair:
Madeleine Faught 0428 965762

Campaign Manager:
Victoria Dombroski 0419 680 593

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Written and authorized by Belinda Kinkead, Secretary, The Together Party, - 12/7 Grevillea Street Byron Bay 2481.