Belinda Kinkead


Belinda Kinkead, engineer and director of peer-to-peer energy trading specialists LO3 Energy has joined the Together tilt for the Senate.

Born in the Northern Rivers, Belinda worked with the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank before returning home with her family to head up LO3 in Australia.

Belinda has spoken at Together events in Sydney and Mullum on climate change.

Belinda says: “there are many good people, doing so many good things in our communities, right across Australia, and they feel, rightly, disillusioned with the major political parties and the tone of political discourse. We want leaders who can debate big ideas, have real discussions and respectfully disagree with one another. We want leadership and vision, people making the changes we’d like to see. That’s why I’m so excited to be joining the Together ticket. Together, we can make Australia slightly better than average again!”

Belinda Kinkead is running for a NSW seat in the Federal Senate in 2019.

Twitter @belindakinkead

Twitter @belindakinkead