Together: Climate Change, Energy and the Environment

Together is committed to ‘Living with, not against, the Planet’ as one of our Basic Principles. We not only accept climate science but believe we need to get on with the job of building the Climate Economy of the Future.

Australia can be a renewables superpower by moving carbon subsidies and exploration incentives across to renewables such as solar and wind. That’s around $10 billion per year, which will provide a platform to attract investment in a key new industry. Historically, energy has been a state-run business, and the privatisation of the sector has only resulted in dysfunction, unemployment and higher retail prices. Government investment in industry development is inevitable and should favour the future: renewables.

In building Our Climate Economy Together supports:

  • 100% plus Renewables Energy Target by 2030

  • Coal phase out including Stop Adani and all new coal

  • An emissions trading scheme and carbon price

  • Zero Net Emissions by 2050

  • Carbon draw-down technology R&D

  • Investment in carbon sequestration - from seaweed to mushrooms!

  • Electrification investment including charge station infrastructure and battery innovation

  • The Paris Agreement

Climate Economy Fund – positioned as a long-term investment in our future and significant job creator across the country. The fund would support Climate Change projects remediating and preparing for further impacts on our coastlines, rivers and forests need to be developed and properly funded. Initiatives should be connected to the Sovereign Wealth Fund and National Industry Policy. The health of the Great Barrier Reef should be the barometer of our success in living within and restoring our environment. Water is a key national resource that needs to be federally managed in a transparent market. An independent authority should manage national water allocation and use.  Together also supports the expansion of our national parks, the protection of clean air and clean water, and the development of regenerative farming - to repair and enrich the environment and improve our food security.

Alternative Budget - Together wants Australia to take 10% of its budget – $50 billion - and spend it differently, to invest in 6 new initiatives.  Our first initiative is the Climate Economy Fund - $10b – to invest in renewables generation, an emissions trading scheme, repairing our rivers and reefs, supporting new businesses and jobs.  We are not merely responding to climate change but building a Climate Economy that is the future of Australian business and workers.  

Our approach to climate change is too mild.  We talk about emissions targets and an ETS.  But what we are really doing is building a new economy.  So, what do we need to do?

•            put a price on carbon and establish an emissions trading scheme

•            move fossil fuel subsidies into renewables

•            invest in electrification and batteries – in public charge stations and home systems

•            see the emergency of our rivers for what it is and take urgent action (water is not a commodity)

•            provide start-ups in renewables and batteries with seed capital 

•            organise community tree-planting teams, working like our rural fire services

•            support carbon sequestration in everything from seaweed to mushrooms

•            decentralise our food supply and enhance food security.

A Climate Economy Fund of $10bil should be allocated to these tasks.  2 per cent of our budget.  Our public servants and experts in the field should work out how to allocate the fund.  We need to get on with the job of climate change.  And create the Climate Economy.  We are talking real jobs.  From designing new batteries to selling them.  From installing solar panels to cleaning wind farms.  The Climate Economy is the future for Australian businesses and workers.