The Regional Road Trip

29 April 2019

NSW Senate Candidate Mark Swivel tours northern NSW to listen to voters so he can represent the forgotten regions in Canberra

The Together Party, a new Australian Independent political party aiming to secure a NSW seat in the Federal Senate, launches its second pre-election Regional Road Trip next week.   Senate candidate Mark Swivel will bring the party’s message to public discussion forums in Tenterfield, Gunnedah, Tamworth, Armidale, Coffs Harbour and Grafton.

Together has a fresh, future focused approach for a better voice in the Senate for regional Australian. We have a chance to make our government make Australia great again – for a better Australia for all of us.

Together is about rebuilding our Common Wealth - restoring government to its traditional role as a force for positive change. There is a gap in our political landscape. The restoration of Government has to be in the public interest – from public broadcasting to a national ICAC, from pausing privatisation to long-term industry policy, from boosting legal aid to investing in scientific research, putting more into education than defence and taking genuine action on climate change and energy - and building a Climate Economy!  

Together is offering the opportunity to have regional genuinely heard in Australian politics.  Real People. Real Policy. No Squabbling.  We welcome everyone to join an inspiring and entertaining, though provoking discussion on some of the biggest issues affecting our nation.

Founded by Mark Swivel, Barefoot Lawyer, Author and Comedian – the concept of Together arose from Swivel’s travelling one-man stage show The Alternative Prime Minister and the party’s manifesto  has its genesis in Swivel’s book Making Australia Slightly Better Than Average AgainTM. It’s funny but deadly serious. 

“Hearing the intensity and widespread concern and discontent over the state of our nation and our government in conversations after the show convinced me I had to do something.   How could I not, “ Swivel said

The Senate is in Together’s sights.  That is where the action is.  An independent in the Senate ensures a more balanced balance of power. Together is not a party running in the Lower House. Together wants to be a voice that represents the diversity of our communities and the Senate is where you can make a difference.

Mark Swivel is running his race for Senate with colleagues Belinda Kinkead, Climate and Energy Engineer and Kate McDowell, writer and performer.


The Together Party.  The Regional Road Trip.

Monday April 29th  Tenterfield         1.00 -2.30pm        Tenterfield Bowling Club   

Tuesday April 30th  Gunnedah          6.00 – 7.30pm      Courthouse Hotel 

Wednesday May 1st Tamworth        1.00 – 2.30pm      Tamworth City Bowls Club

Wednesday May 1st Armidale          6.00 – 7.30pm      Wicklow Hotel

Thursday May 2nd Coffs Harbour     6.00- 7.30 pm       The Court Hotel 

Friday May 3rd Grafton                       1.00 – 2.30 pm     Grafton Services Club




Facebook: @TheTogetherParty
Twitter: @TogetherParty1 #thetogetherparty
Instagram: @thetogetherparty


NSW Senate Candidate:
Mark Swivel 0407 875 398

Party Chair:
Madeleine Faught 0428 965762

Campaign Manager:
Victoria Dombroski 0419 680 593

Media Liaison:
Michael Sainsbury +66 927 620321 (Whatsapp)
Susie Riddell Danoy 0434 729 230

Local Media Liaison:
Victoria Dombroski 0419 680 593

Written and authorized by Belinda Kinkead, Secretary, The Together Party, - 12/7 Grevillea Street Byron Bay 2481.