The Together Party is a new party, not a niche single issue party

7 May 2019

BLUE MOUNTAINS / SYDNEY, May 7 - It’s the business end of our first campaign.  We’ve heard it all from the others and we have heard enough. It’s been the same old rhetoric tripping over itself. We think you want a breath of fresh air.  A good, honest discussion. About all the issues. So Let's Get It Together.   

“An election is a map of the soul of our country and we look a bit sick right now. Our government is incompetent and corrupt, the opposition has promise but is timid and leaden,” Together founder and NSW Senate candidate Mark Swivel told the party’s campaign launch in Brunswick Heads on May 5.

“For all the macho posturing government in Australia is … gutless. We don’t stand up to corporate tax evasion, to companies that take this country for granted. And our pollies pander to the angry rather than leading with wisdom.”

Mark Swivel’s Campaign Launch Speech:

The Together Party is about real change powered by real people, it has a comprehensive policy manifesto

The Together Party will hold a major policy launch In Martin Place on Friday, May 10 at 12pm outside the Channel 7 studio.

Together has 3 candidates for the Senate in NSW: Mark Swivel, lawyer, comedian, author or Making Australia Slightly Better than Average Again; Belinda Kinkead, climate engineer and expert; and, Kate McDowell, writer and performer. They want to represent a parliament for the future of Australia, not the past.

Join them: meet the candidates over a casual drink or listen in and have your say at one of our inspiring, entertaining, thought-provoking open discussions on the biggest issues affecting our nation. 


Let’s Get It Together Tour Itinerary

Thursday May 9

4.00 – 5.00      Blackheath      New Ivanhoe Hotel     Drink O’Clock – casual drink & meet

6.00 - 7.30       Katoomba       Hotel Blue                   Open discussion event


Friday May 10

Noon               CBD                 Martin Place                Press Call and Hand Shake

5.00 – 6.00      North Sydney Greenwood Hotel       Open discussion event & drinks

7.00 – 8.30      Petersham       The Public House        Open discussion event & dinner


Saturday May 11

10.00 – noon   CBD                 Marigold Restaurant   YUM CHA Together!

1.00 – 3.00      Glebe               Toxteth Hotel              Open discussion event

4.00 - 5.00       Surry Hills        Cricketers Arms          Drink O’Clock – casual drink & meet

6.00 – 7.30      Coogee            TBA                                 Open discussion event & dinner

Together’s Senate Candidates are all available for interview in the lead up to and during the tour.




Facebook: @TheTogetherParty
Twitter: @TogetherParty1 #thetogetherparty
Instagram: @thetogetherparty


NSW Senate Candidate:
Mark Swivel 0407 875 398

Party Chair:
Madeleine Faught 0428 965762

Campaign Manager:
Victoria Dombroski 0419 680 593

Media Liaison:
Michael Sainsbury +66 927 620321 (Whatsapp)
Susie Riddell Danoy 0434 729 230

Local Media Liaison:
Victoria Dombroski 0419 680 593

Written and authorized by Belinda Kinkead, Secretary, The Together Party, - 12/7 Grevillea Street Byron Bay 2481.