A party dedicated to Rebuilding our Common Wealth.


TOGETHER campaigns for the restoration of Government in the public interest, as a constructive force for positive change across our society, from public broadcasting to a national ICAC, from stopping privatisation of public assets to tenure for public servants, from boosting legal aid to investing long term in scientific research, from developing national industry policy to genuine action on climate change.

Our principles:

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Better Spending

We can make a huge difference in government over time by spending money differently, changing our priorities and spending existing revenues better:



Invest in learning over defence.

Become a renewables superpower.

Grow mutual/cooperative and small businesses.

Improve on-shore criminal justice.

Rethink taxation to better invest in community, education, health, and climate.



Better Society

We need to be more active in shaping our society, making bigger and better policy decisions to create the Australia we want. Government can take action to bring our future to life:



Boost agency for Indigenous Australia

Established longer term strategies to further key business sectors.

Address key community concerns like housing, minimum wage, legal aid, NBN, clean energy, education, and workers’ rights.

Increase women’s participation in government policy.

Expand the Deductible Gift Recipient scheme to better support NGOs.

Manage the transition to renewable energy.

Develop and fund an Arts Policy.

Safeguard public broadcasting.

Reform the law to create more balanced social obligations for businesses.



Better Government

We need a more responsive and democratic government engaged with the people. We need to restore and grow better institutions that serve the public interest:



Mandate transparency and accountability in government spending, privatisation, and tendering, decision-making.

Stop outsourcing of taxpayer-funded services.

Strengthen the public service.

Draw up a Bill of Rights.

Close all onshore and offshore detention centres.

Re-nationalise failing NGO service providers.

Develop and fund climate change projects.

Create an independent Water Allocation and Use watchdog.

Transition Australia into a republic.